Backend Developer (Server Developer)

Job Description

With the keywords "Photo", "Widget" and "Simple", we are making the photo and widget service simple. We make widgets unfamiliar to iPhone users as easy and convenient.

Photo Widget ranked No.1 in Korea, Thailand, No.2 in Japan, and No.3 in the United States within 3 days of launch.
Currently, it has surpassed No. 1 in Korea and is being used worldwide and more than half of the users are in the United States. There is no right answer because we are pioneers and number one in the widget market. We are just moving forward by setting a direction with priority on localization for each country, customer experience, and understanding needs.

Photowidget now provides various widget functions such as D-day, calendar, and horoscope including photos. In the future, we plan to leap beyond functional widgets to become a global community & network service with various contents.
Photowidget isn't just a utility, it's a community that users create together, and we want to connect users around the world through it.
"Conquering the World with PhotoWidget"
A successful prologue has already been made. We are looking for people to join us for Season 1 of Photo Widget!

Job Responsibilities

- Photo Widget service infrastructure development
- Develop API/infrastructure related to photo album/membership system and authentication/settlement system.
- PhotoWidget admin site development and maintenance.

Basic qualifications

- 5+ years of development experience or equivalent skills and experience
- Experience in [] or Node.js development
- Experience in RDBMS, NoSQL development
- Passion to create a better development environment

Preferred qualifications

Actively share opinions and practice for growth.
- Attitude to think and practice for better code and service quality.
- Active communication skills for collaboration
- Experience with AWS Devops
- Experience with CI/CD


1. Business device (Mac or high-end PC & 1-2 monitors)

2. Autonomous annual leave system

3. Snacks and drinks provided

4. Lunch meal allowance

5. Support for taxi expenses for business use

6. Annual, half-half, half-half vacation system

7. Go to work at 12:00 the next day after team dinner

8. Leave work 2 hours early on your birthday

9. Gift on the national holiday

10. Overtime meals and transportation allowance