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English Region Operation / CX Manager

Job Description

As the keyword Photwidget Simple says, we operate a photos and widget service in the most simplest way. Since widgets are still a relatively new concept for iPhone users, we strive to provide the simplest and most practical widget service.

Within three days of its launch, Photowidget has ranked first in Thailand and Korea, second in Japan, and third in the US. More than half of our users reside in English-speaking countries. There is no right or wrong answer as we are the leading service in the widget market. Which is why we are always working to provide a well-localized product to all of our consumers worldwide and to quickly identify their demands in order to establish a direction for progress.

Currently, we provide various widget types such as Countdown, Photos, Calendar, Horoscope, and many more. Soon, we are going to go beyond function-oriented widgets and leap into a global community & network service that offers a variety of content. PhotoWidget is not just a utility app but a community that users create together. We're glad to be able to connect with them!

Come join us on the PhotoWidget journey
We are done with the prologue. We are looking for people who can join us and have fun on the next Season!

Job Responsibilities

Main Role
- Analysis / Improvement and operation planning of English-speaking (US-UK) users of the Photowidget app
- Photowidget app English localization
- Respond to app ratings and inquiries from english speaking users
- Analize the US app market and culture

Basic qualifications

- Someone who can speak English at the level of a native speaker (preference is given to people who have lived in English speaking countries)
- Able to communicate in Korean, English or Japanese
- Someone who can listen to the voice of users
- Someone who can think in the user's perspective and can participate to develop a better product

Preferred qualifications

- Foreigner who lives in Korea
- Or those who have good understanding of the American culture through long-term residence in the United States
- Excellent communication, fellowship, and collaboration skills


1. Business device (Mac or high-end PC & 1-2 monitors)

2. Autonomous annual leave system

3. Snacks and drinks provided

4. Lunch meal allowance

5. Support for taxi expenses for business use

6. Annual, half-half, half-half vacation system

7. Go to work at 12:00 the next day after team dinner

8. Leave work 2 hours early on your birthday

9. Gift on the national holiday

10. Overtime meals and transportation allowance

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