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Global Gen Z digital lifestyle service Photo Widget surpasses 30 million cumulative users

2022년 8월 30일 오전 3:00:00

- Expanding global influence to over 90% of overseas users and 35% of North American users
- Actively targeting Generation Z who value individuality with a home screen that can be customized according to personal preference

'Photo Widget: Simple', leading the digital lifestyle of global Generation Z, announced that it has surpassed 30 million cumulative users in just one year and 11 months after the service was launched.

Photowidget is an iOS-only digital lifestyle service that allows users to customize their home screens, such as wallpapers, widgets, and app icons, to suit the preferences of Gen Zs who value diversity and uniqueness. About 70% of the users are Generation Z, making it leading the latest trends in the digital lifestyle market.

From its launch to the present, it attains over 380,000 reviews in the App Store and high user satisfaction with an average rating of 4.8.

Additionally, the service is accessible in over 150 countries and 18 different languages and has a strong brand recognition that more than 90% of the users are located overseas. In particular, the proportion of users in North America, which has high content demand and profitability, also accounts for 35%

Photowidget provides various widget functions such as photos, countdown, and calendar, as well as themes that allow you to change the home screen to the desired style with just a few touches. In addition, it supports a convenient and unique phone decoration service on mobile through digital items such as wallpapers, icons, and fonts.

Photowidget plans to introduce distinctive services to lead Gen Z digital lifestyle beyond home screen customization by reflecting users' diverse needs and the latest digital lifestyle trends.

A Photowidget official said, "We are preparing unique content that can only be found at Photowidget, not only with K-pop artists that the global Generation Z is passionate about but also through various IP (intellectual property) collaborations."

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