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Global mobile life service ‘Photo Widget’ achieved No.1 in Thailand App Store

2021년 9월 30일 오후 10:00:00

‘Photo Widget: Simple’, a home screen customization service favored by the global Gen Z, announced that it achieved the No. 1 download ranking on the iPad App Store in Thailand.

'Photo Widget' started supporting iPad service in response to the official support of iPadOS15 on September 20th, and within 4 days after Apple's new OS was released, it ranked No.1 in Thailand App Store for all iPad free apps and productivity. It also maintains a strong competitive edge in the Thai market by maintaining the second place in productivity in the iPhone rankings.

The achievement of No. 1 in Apple's App Store is attributed to agile responses to new iPad updates, phone decorating functions tailored to the global Z generation trend, and self-produced content. Photo Widget plans to provide users with more than 500 themes by the end of the year through original IP partnerships with content companies including K-pop and webtoons.

An official from Photo Widget said, 'This achievement of No. 1 in the App Store is the result of successful verification of the direction of the global market. And as the number of downloads and users is rapidly increasing in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, we plan to accelerate our global penetration with a continuous localization strategy.”

Meanwhile, the number of cumulative downloads of Photo Widget has exceeded 18 million in the App Store, and the number of global users is steadily increasing.

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