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Mobile life app 'Photo Widget' exceeds 18 million cumulative downloads

2021년 8월 22일 오후 10:00:00

The phone decoration app ‘Photo Widget: Simple’ announced on the 23rd that the cumulative number of downloads on the Apple App Store has exceeded 18 million.
Photo Widget opened the service at the same time as the widget function was added with Apple's iOS 14 official update support in September last year. Unlike the iPhone default widget, which has many restrictions, it appealed to the GenZ, the main user base, with custom and various functions. As a result, the cumulative number of downloads exceeded 18 million in 11 months after the service was opened, showing a rapid growth.

The success factor of Photo Widget was that it accurately grasped the tastes of GenZ. It focused on the characteristics of being familiar with digital-based services and liking to express one's personality and taste in personal items including smartphones. To this end, Photo Widget focused service capabilities on supporting functions so that users can easily decorate them in the desired form, and providing content tailored to their taste as templates.

In addition, to identify rapidly changing global trends, it has increased contact points with actual users in major countries and continued to update and improve with insights obtained through app usage data analysis. Currently, the App Store rating of Photo Widget continues to be high enough to receive 4.8 out of 5 in user satisfaction.

A photo widget official said, "We plan to release a large-scale update that will dramatically improve the user experience, and New Photo Widget plans to be reborn as an all-in-one solution for phone decoration."

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