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Photo Widget, an app for decorating phone screens aimed at Gen Z becomes the No. 1 app in the App Store

2022년 12월 14일 오전 3:00:00

-A self-decorating service, it has become a must-have app for Gen Z iPhone users
- #1 in domestic App Store productivity

It has been revealed that global digital lifestyle service, Photo Widget (CEO Song In-sun), has topped the domestic App Store productivity category.

For Gen Z, which values individuality, Photo Widget has a variety of home customization functions, including home screen themes, widgets, and icons.
It is a digital lifestyle service exclusively for iOS. Main users are from USA, the UK, and Asian countries. It is currently in use in over 150 countries with over 32 million users.

Photo Widget is a must-have iPhone app for Gen Z with its phone decoration service that captures both individuality and convenience.
When using the Photo Widget’s themes, users can set up their wallpaper, widgets, and icons all at once with a simple setting.
Users can also decorate it in the style they prefer. Themes range from special seasons such as World Cup and Christmas, to illustrations, animals, travel photos, and etc..
Photo Widget provides a variety of themes for users to decorate their screens according to their tastes.

Photo Widget also provides useful widgets that can be applied to home screens and lock screens. On the home screen, users can set up a variety of widgets, such as 'Photo' widget, Calendar, Countdown, To-do, Horoscope, Text, Battery, and etc..
Photo Widget recently released the Dynamic widget where users can add moving images to their lock screens. Users are also able to enter their own texts on their lock screens. How you may ask? Photo Widget provides an advanced customization environment by adding 'Inline widget'.

An official from Photo Widget said, "As iPhone preference has spread around GenZ, Photo Widget is also creating a play culture for them to express their own personality and taste,"
he said. "We will continue to update various themes and functions to lead the global Gen Z digital lifestyle.”

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