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Photo Widget, Enabling user-to-user communication through their widget sharing function

2022년 12월 29일 오전 3:00:00

Gen Z digital lifestyle service, Photo Widget (CEO Insun Song), has launched a ‘share’ function to activate communication between users.

The share function is not limited to the widgets that are on the user’s home screen, but can be applied to their saved albums. Users can share their widget and icon albums with their friends, significant other, family, and even those who have common interests as them. In order to provide quick and easy sharing, users can share their albums without physical limitations by directly scanning the QR code, inputting the share code, and even selecting the QR code photo.

Photo Widget is an iOS-only digital lifestyle service that provides home screen customization functions such as themes, widgets, and icons for the generation that values diversity and trends–Gen Z. With the themes, widgets, and icons provided, users can freely decorate their home and lock screens

Through the launch of the new ‘share’ function, Photo Widget aims to grow into a mobile platform that provides users with more ways to communicate beyond simple phone customization. Starting with this launch, Photo Widget plans to introduce various services to support communication between users and for the growth of Gen Z’s digital lifestyle services.

An official from Photo Widget shared, “In general, phone decoration was an activity limited to individuals, but we plan to provide a new experience by expanding communication between users by strengthening social functions, starting with the share function.”

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