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Photo Widget Launches New Themes for Valentine's Day

2023년 2월 10일 오전 3:00:00

Global digital lifestyle service Photo Widget (CEO Song In-Sun) will release more than 20 new themes for Valentine's Day.

With the new Valentine's Day themes, you can create aesthetically pleasing iPhone and iPad screens with the themed wallpaper, widgets, and icons to create the perfect Valentine's Day atmosphere. Various illustrations and photos of Valentine's Day concepts like chocolate and hearts were also applied to the themes.

There are more than 20 Valentine's Day themes you can use on your phone's home screen. Photo Widget also offers a variety of digital items you can use, like wallpaper, widgets, and icons. You can choose what you want and customize it to fit your taste.

Photo Widget is an iOS-only digital lifestyle service that provides various home customization functions such as home themes, widgets, and icons for Generation Z – the generation that values individuality. In addition to the Valentine's Day themes, Photo Widget also carries various theme categories such as animals, travel, etc. while providing a phone decoration service.

A Photo Widget official shared, "The number of requests from users to open new contents continues to increase even before the event season comes," adding, "We will continue to produce alluring contents suitable for the special season in line with the preference of the Gen Zs around the globe."

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