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Photo Widget Released iOS16 Lock Screen Decorating Widget

2022년 10월 6일 오전 3:00:00

'Photo Widget: Simple', the global digital lifestyle service of the Z generation, launched lock screen decoration widgets with the release of iOS 16. In addition to Photowidget's existing features, it announced that a new phone decoration function was added, such as the 'Dynamic Widget' for adding moving images and the 'Text Widget' for adding text.

Designed for Gen Zers who value individuality and diversity, Photowidget is an iOS-only digital lifestyle app that lets users customize their home screens with widgets, app icons, etc.

Utilizing the new lock screen widget function in iOS 16, Photowidget users will be able to customize the lock screen more easily and enjoy a different digital lifestyle. Users can customize their lock screen with Apple's iOS 16 using various customization features.

Photowidget offers Photo, Battery, Calendar, Text, To-do, Countdown, and Horoscope lock screen widgets and one-line text decoration above the lock screen's clock (aka Inline widget). The Inline widget allows the user to write the desired phrase directly on the lock screen. It is also possible to write more creatively by using special characters and symbols. Additionally, Photowidget provides an animation widget (aka Dynamic widget) that lets users add moving images to their lock screens, providing a new phone decorating experience.

Through a future update, Photowidget will expand its service to the entire Apple iOS ecosystem, including Apple Watch screens (faces).

According to a photowidget official, “We have added functionality that lets users customize both the home screen and the lock screen based on their personal tastes in response to this iOS16 update. Out of the existing phone decoration framework, we will continue developing services that provide functions such as animation and a simple yet diverse phone decoration service.”

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