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PhotoWidget, Newest Update Has More Than 30 Christmas Themes Ahead Of The Christmas Season

2022년 12월 5일 오전 3:00:00

With over 30 new Christmas themes available to users on PhotoWidget (CEO: Song Insun), the global digital lifestyle service is wrapping up the year on a warm note.

Using the newly added Christmas themes, users can also create a warm atmosphere on their iPhone or iPad home screens by adding wallpapers, widgets, and icons. The PhotoWidget app has Christmas concepts like Santa, Rudolph, and Snowman, along with illustrated and photo content that users can customize to match their own tastes.

PhotoWidget has taken celebrating Christmas to a whole new level by creating over 30 Christmas themes, dynamic widgets, and a photo editing feature with stickers all with Christmas concepts that can be used to customize your entire home screen, giving users the complete decorating experience.

PhotoWidget is a digital lifestyle service that offers iOS home screen customization with widgets and app icons that are centered around Gen Z who values diversity and scarcity. Aside from Christmas themes, PhotoWidget also offers themes in other categories such as emotions, animals, vacations, and more to match their users’ taste.

An official from PhotoWidget shared, “We will continue to release numerous concepts for home screen customization that correspond to special events or holidays. PhotoWidget is currently offering exclusive Christmas, World Cup, and New Year's themes. Please look forward to more of our upcoming and original content.”

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