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PhotoWidget introduces 'Halloween Themes' for iPhone decor

2022년 10월 17일 오전 3:00:00

To create a unique Halloween atmosphere, the global digital lifestyle service PhotoWidget (CEO: Song In-sun) has added 30 new Halloween themes.

With Photowidget's Halloween theme, users can create a unique Halloween atmosphere on their iPhone or iPad home screen using wallpapers, widgets, and icons.

Additional to over 30 Halloween themes that can decorate the entire iPhone home screen, it also provides a lock screen widget with moving animations in the Halloween concept. These widgets feature cute and scary Halloween characters, such as pumpkin-headed jacks-o-lanterns symbolizing Halloween, ghosts, skeletons, and bats, allowing users to digitally cosplay their iPhones in a Halloween style.

The Photowidget app is an iOS-exclusive digital lifestyle service that offers widgets and app icons designed for Generation Z, who value diversity and rarity. The company also offers customized phone decorations related to aesthetics, animals, travel, etc., in addition to special seasonal themes like Halloween.

According to a PhotoWidget representative, "We will lead the global trend through high-quality PhotoWidget original theme content tailored to the tastes of Generation Z."

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